Today that’s it’s raining en Figueres, I will start this blog by talking about the autumn weddings, and specially that even get wet. They say weddings with rain are sign of good luck, and we must believe the popular sayings.

A rainy day can make your wedding a very different one from the rest. And if you don’t agree with me, just check out this wedding that took place in Berkeley (California), where the bright colors were present at all times.

The wellies are a lot of fun, I love them.

But if you like better a timeless style with a rustic touch, there’s no better example than this other wedding that also happened in California (who said that it never rains in California?).

The touch of the bride’s cardigan is absolutely gorgeous. And how about the contrast with the black umbrella, don’t you think it really stands out?

via Oncewed

If after that you’re still not convinced, think also about the endless options to choose your favourite spot for the ceremony and with no waiting lists for the venue of your choice. And last but not least, you will find better prices than in high season.

Is anyone thinking of getting married in autumn??

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