If you arrived here it means that you are curious to know a bit more about us, or why we work creating experiences…

My name is Vanessa and despite the fact that I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Political Science, life brought me to the hotel management business, where I gained a lot of experience in this area.

In 2004 Empordà Events was born as a company focusing on the business field, helping clients in the organization of any kind of corporate event. I had the opportunity to work on many interesting projects.

Two years later, someone landed in my office. Barbara, now a great friend, a bride who wanted her marriage on the beach, drinking caipirinhas and listening to bossa nova. I discovered a whole new world of possibilities… I never liked the normal weddings, but I thought of bringing a new light to this industry by adding value, the wow effects. That’s how we specialised in these type of celebrations. In fact, the concept of the wedding planner was still unknown in Spain.

We ended up working in both fields, (corporate and social) in perfect harmony.

Later on, Miriam joined us. She is a different profile, but that’s how puzzles are done, made by different pieces that fit perfectly. She was coming from the translation and the marketing fields and we found each other in the events world, which is what we’re really passionate about and we made it our day-to-day.

We are the image of Empordà Events, but there’s actually a lot of people working with us: Isabel, Maribel, Neus, Manel, Sergi, Ignasi, the Jordis, Enric, the Santis, Carles, the Francescs, Roser, Rosa, Jaume, the Lurdes, Cris, Pedri, Cati, Joan, Ingrid… among many others.

Our way of working is by listening, counselling, proposing and carrying it out. Our secret is to capture the idea and make it reality. Only the work well done and the good taste move us.

They key of our success is the raw material, you, our collaborators and us, in other words: the team working, the expertise, the proactivity and the capacity to create magical moments, that’s Empordà Events.

We look forward to working with you, but of course in a wow manner!